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IC Contact Post


Hello! You've reached Tsukino Chibiusa! I'm not here right now so please leave a message! Bye!

[locked from anyone at the vatican]

If she thinks I'm having a hissy fit....

It isn't wrong to want to help someone. I'm supposed to help people! Treating me like a child when she's sulking like one.

I hate being here. I hate being with people I care about who I can never help.

[Locked to anyone who knows she's a senshi]

I'm a Sailor Senshi. It's my duty to help people and I haven't been able to help anyone. Will I ever be strong enough?

[Video/Open RL] [Near the Pool]

[Chibiusa was a silly little rabbit and wandered off at night, unaware of the ship being inhabited by ghosts. Of course she's well aware of their existence now and is hiding among the now stored pool inflatables. She's tempted to transform into Chibimoon, but she didn't think that would do much good against a ghost. So instead she uses Luna-P to call the community. A video pops up on the community. Chibiusa looks very afraid in her curled up position. Some may notice there are some tears in her eyes. Of course she's trying not to sound frightened, but fails.]

H-hello? I need some h-help. I'm lost by the pool of the ship...P-please, someone come get me.
5 + 1 meme!
Comment with a 5 + 1 list and I'll write a little drabble about it! Include the names of the characters, the ship (if applicable), and a general rating to go along with it.

Ex: Five times Giselle smiled at Robert and one time she cried

Giselle || Chibiusa || Hikaru || Suze || Esther

Sophie || Himeno || Alice || Numbuh 3 || Tohru
♥ Chibiusa
Chibiusa is an elementary school student, who due to teacher evaluation day, has the day off, and has come to work with her dear old dad, Byakuya. She'll probably be trolling around the high school, popping in and out of classes and generally poking her nose in other people's business, but in a completely adorable way! While she will be nosy, she'll still be a polite and proper 'lady' just like daddy raised her to be. :3

♥ Giselle
Giselle is one of your lovely home ec teachers! She teaches both cooking and sewing, if that's alright with the other home ec teachers, I believe Hannibal and Italy? If you want tow work things out you two, I'm more than willing! Giselle is also the director of the school's glee club! She's one of those super happy teachers that is always ready and willing to help a student out! Even if the student is a terrible delinquent she always looks for the good in them and genuinely believes that the good is there, in every one of them.

♥ Hikaru
Hikaru will be herself for the most part. She's a naive, adorable tomboy who is ready for anything and participates in most sports. She's generally well liked by most students and faculty and likes to help out whenever she can.

♥ Vanessa
Vanessa will generally by herself as well. She's one of the goth students, and does to bare minimum of work due to lack of interest. She's actually fairly smart though and gets good grades with little effort. She's also good at gymnastics and other various sports. While she has a tough exterior, she has a good heart and looks out for others, especially those who can't always take care of themselves.
It seems I've found my first destination.

[ooc: Heading of to visit Simon and Co.~ Post whenever is good for you guys! :D]